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me2My name is Annie Dawson. I am a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist and have been a member of the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) since 2007. The GHR is endorsed by the GHSC (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council), therefore any member of the GHR is also approved by the GHSC. For details please see here. I am also a member of the team at Actwell International, a leading supplier of high grade nutraceutical products, i.e. vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements etc. Visit the Actwell website for further information click here

My practice is in Romford and Brentwood, within easy reach of Hornchurch, Collier Row, Shenfield, Rainham and Dagenham. As required by law, I am fully insured.

Firstly, I would like to briefly explain hypnosis: There are so many misconceptions regarding this subject, so for the record - there is no magic, no tricks and nobody is 'put to sleep'. Nor will any of my clients be convinced that they are chickens playing trumpets! This is the work of a stage hypnotist, whose aim is very different to that of a clinical hypnotherapist.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. To explain this - compare a swimming instructor teaching somebody to swim. The instructor will show, encourage, demonstrate and give clear instructions, but it is the person in the water that actually swims. My job is to guide and lead a client into a deep state of relaxation, somewhere in between being awake and asleep. Once this stage has been achieved (similar to being in a lovely daydream), suggestions can be made targetting the problem. In very simple terms, picture the brain as being in two parts. One half (R), housing the amygdala which stores all of our memories. These are normally created from one of our five senses. Everything we have ever seen, heard, tasted etc. is in there somewhere. All of this information is then passed to the hippocampus for evaluation, before being passed on again to the cortex for analysis. This analysing is done in the other half of the brain - therefore, by guiding a person into hypnosis, helping them to achieve a relaxed state of body and mind, the brain stops analysing and readily accepts the messages being given by the hypnotherapist. It's as simple as that!

Secondly, I would like to give a brief outline of the work that I have been involved with. There are so many problems that can be helped with hypnosis. Whilst I have not, by any means, worked on all of them, I am an experienced hypnotherapist and have covered a very wide range - including phobias, smoking cessation, addictions, stress, eating disorders and weight loss, anxiety and panic attacks, pain control, confidence, exam nerves, insomnia, pre surgery fears, motivation etc.

Much of my recent work has been with clients wishing/needing to lose weight. As I am sure you are aware, obesity is an enormous problem in this country (pardon the pun). Many people are so overweight that they see surgery as the only solution. However, this has many drawbacks. It carries huge risks, it's very expensive, it is available via the NHS but resources are limited therefore waiting lists are long etc. The main problem is that it doesn't resolve the issues people have with food. Yes, they will eat less and subsequently lose weight, but if they are eating a cream cake instead of a well balanced meal their lifestyle will not be any healthier. This is where hypnosis comes into it's own. Not only will the client eat less, but enjoy choosing the right foods, finding that an apple is so much more appetizing and satisfying than the bar of chocolate.

If you would like help with weight loss, phobias, stopping smoking or other addictions, stress, anxiety, panic attacks or any other problem that may be holding you back, and would like to discuss hypnosis or hypnotherapy then give me a call. An initial telephone consultation is free of charge. Appointments are available in Romford and Brentwood, within easy reach of Hornchurch, Collier Row, Shenfield, Rainham and Dagenham.

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