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Dear Annie,
Just wanted to say thank you so very much for helping me with my coffee problem. Having increased my coffee intake over several years, I was drinking in excess of 20 cups every day, all with milk and sugar. I genuinely believed I couldn't function without it, something had to be done! After the 1st session I started to cut down (without finding it difficult) and am now after the 3rd session really happy with the result. I have 1 cup with my breakfast and 1 after lunch. The rest of the time I drink water which I now really enjoy. I don't even want coffee at other times of the day. This is brilliant, and I now sleep better, feel better in myself and have started to lose weight. Jackpot! So thanks again, will be booking again just to have the relaxation.

Annie Dawson
Hello Annie, I made it! As you know I was recently diagnosed with cancer in my leg. As if that wasn't devastating enough I was told that the only way to save my leg was to remove my knee and put rods in. I would have a permanently stiff leg but I figured this was better than amputation. This meant an 8-9 hour operation which was urgent and I was terrified. I haven't been in hospital since having my children, the youngest one is now 50. On top of all that, when my stress levels were through the ceiling, I was told to give up smoking before the operation. Having smoked for over 60 years I was at my wit's end. Well, I'm thankfully here to tell the tale. I loved the hypnosis and found it so relaxing, it got me back into being able to sleep, I gave up smoking, and although I was still a bit apprehensive, I started chuckling as soon as the porters came to take me to theatre - only you and I know why. The operation had to be done a second time but was then considered a success. While I was recovering from this I practiced the pain control you had helped me with and faced the agonizing physiotherapy, and 6 weeks of radiotherapy, with such determination. I was so positive through all of it and as I say, I made it! I really don't think I could have done it without you so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

August 2013
Hi Annie,
When I came to you for weight loss I didn't realize how stressed I was about so many things, until we talked it all through. You have not only helped me to start losing weight but taught me how to relax and deal with anxiety. As a result of my four sessions of hypnotherapy with you I have halved the amount of sugar I take, am eating much more healthily and have lots more energy. I am also sleeping better and feel much calmer as I am now back in control. Before coming to you I had real problems with my hands, they were so sore as the skin kept splitting. This was one of the things that really stressed me out. Now that I have stopped worrying about it they have started to heal and are much less painful.
I will definitely be coming to you again, just haven't decided what for yet.
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